Tarkov Colleagues Pt 1 Quest Guide - New 12.7 Therapist Task

Colleagues Part 1 guide in Escape from Tarkov is a new quest added in the 12.7 update, and it requires you to find three groups in Health Resort, Pier, and Cottages. Finding the Health Resort group in the Tarkov Colleagues Part 1 quest, as well as the groups in the Pier and Cottages, can be pretty difficult. Pus, you have to find them all and then survive the raid, so time is of the essence. That being the case, here’s our Tarkov Colleagues Pt 1 Quest Guide – New 12.7 Therapist Task guide to show you exactly where to find all three.

Escape from Tarkov Colleagues Health Resort Group Pier Cottages Locations
Tarkov Colleagues Pt 1 Quest Guide – New 12.7 Therapist Task

Health Resort Group Location Colleagues Part 1 Escape from Tarkov

The location of the Health Resort group is under the helicopter. Said helicopter is between the west and east wings of the Health Resort. That’s basically in the middle of the enormous courtyard, it’s pretty much impossible to miss. Examine the corpse, and continue to the next location.

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health resort group location escape from tarkov colleagues where to find
Health Resort Group location

Colleagues Part 1 Quest Pier Group Location in Escape from Tarkov

The pier is north of the Health Resort, so you can pretty much make a beeline for it immediately. What you have to do is locate the large, boxy, blue-and-white building with the huge “НОРВИНСКИЙ” sign on top of it. As soon as you walk through the front door, you’ll find the corpse. In fact, you might even complete the step by just approaching the door, but I wouldn’t risk it.

pier group location where to find colleagues part 1 escape from tarkov
Pier Group location

Where to Find Cottages Group in Escape from Tarkov Colleagues Part 1 Quest

To find the Cottages group in the Escape from Tarkov Colleagues Part 1 quest, go east of the Health Resort / southeast of the Pier to find where the cottages are. If you’ve played the game before, you probably know where to go. Head into the fenced area, and go behind the first cottage on the right (the one that you need the key to enter). In the backyard of this cottage, you’ll find an ambulance, and the two corpses are right next to it, under a tree.

cottages group escape from tarkov colleagues part 1 location
Cottages group location

You can search for these groups in any order you want whatsoever. Just keep in mind that you have to survive the raid after finding all three in order to complete the quest. In the map below, you’ll find the locations of all three groups in the Colleagues Part 1 quest. Good luck out there!

all colleagues part 1 group locations health resort pier cottages escape from tarkov map
All Colleagues Part 1 group locations map
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