Tarkov Anesthesia Quest Guide - New 12.7 Prapor Task - Trading Post Locations

Anesthesia is a new quest in Escape From Tarkov. You can get it from Prapor, and it requires you to find and mark three trading posts on the Shoreline map. It serves as an introduction to Sanitar, the new boss that has been added in update 12.7. If you’re having trouble figuring out where the three targets are, this guide will help you complete Escape From Tarkov Anesthesia quest by showing you exactly where to go.

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escape from tarkov anesthesia quest trading post mark locations

Before starting the quest, you should buy three MS2000 markers from Prapor – they’re around 14k rubles. Put them in the safe container, so you don’t lose them if you die. Here’s a map with all three locations marked on it. Below it, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to reach them.

tarkov anesthesia quest trading spot locations

Mark first trading post on Shoreline

The first one is at the health resort on the top of the hill. Go to the front, from the pier. When you reach the chopper, head straight towards the skyway connecting the two buildings. You’ll find the spot on a hospital bed near an ambulance. You’ll have to wait 30 seconds before it’s safe to leave – if you get killed during that time, you’ll fail the quest.

Mark second trading post on Shoreline

The second trading spot is near the cottages with the big garden and greenhouse, in the west of the map, next to the construction site. If you enter through the main gate, go past the house on the right. You’ll see a table and a wheelchair behind it – that’s the location. Approach the table and leave the marker – you should probably wait for 30 second before you leave, in order to make sure it’s secure.

eft anesthesia quest trading spot cottages

Third trading post location on Shoreline

The third trading post is at the pier in the south of the map, where the pier boat extract is. Go into the parking lot with the blue fence, past the dumpsters, and you’ll find a hospital bed with a bloody stain there. The bed is the post – leave your marker there and wait for the timer to run out.

escape from tarkov anesthesia quest trading spot
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