Tarkov Error on POST Bad Gateway Fix

Escape From Tarkov is a highly popular online FPS. Known for its extreme realism and punishing gameplay, this approach to its design has attracted like-minded players from all over the world. But, just like in every online game, there are errors that can prevent you from playing the game. One of the more serious such issues is the so-called Error on POST Bad Gateway. If you are getting this all the time and are wondering if there is anything you can do about it on your end, our Escape From Tarkov Error on POST Bad Gateway Fix guide is here to offer you a solution, as well as explain why this error is even happening in the first place.

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Escape from Tarkov Error on POST Bad Gateway Fix

How to Fix Error on POST Bad Gateway in Escape From Tarkov

To begin with, let’s first clarify what this error is and why it is occurring. Namely, this can often happen when Escape From Tarkov has been recently updated to a new version. And, since EFT is a work-in-progress, this is often the case. The launcher is trying to access the old patch, which is why you are getting the error in question. Additionally, it seems like the servers often cannot take the strain of updating so many instances of the game at once, as is evident from this developer quote from their forums: “Right now the servers are overloaded because of the update and you may experience the error you just got there. Have a bit of patience, thousands of players are logging in the same time so this may cause errors.”

As such, the only thing you can really do here is to try and restart your launcher several times until the Error on POST Bad Gateway is gone and you can start the game normally. If this isn’t helping, you will need to wait it out until the developers have resolved this problem on their end.

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