Expedition Pikmin Bloom - How to Send Pikmin on Expedition

The question of how to send Pikmin on an expedition in Pikmin Bloom is a pretty important one. Making your Pikmin go out into the wild and bring you stuff back is a fairly major gameplay element. I mean, you don’t have to do it, but you’re kinda not playing the game “right” if you don’t. That being the case, we’ll show you how to send Pikmin on expeditions in this guide.

expedition pikmin bloom how to send pikmin on expedition
Expedition Pikmin Bloom – How to Send Pikmin on Expedition

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition – Pikmin Bloom

To send Pikmin in an expedition in Pikmin Bloom, the first thing you need to do is go into the menu by tapping the arrow in the bottom left. Tap the Steps banner at the top of the screen. Below the map, you’ll see several tabs, like Lifelog, Pikmin, Seedings, etc. Find the Expeditions tab and tap it. The game will then show you a number of different expeditions that you can send your Pikmin on, usually to collect stuff like fruit and new Seedings.

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So, the next step is to tap the expedition you want. Then, select which Pikmin you want to send. Each expedition has a minimum number of Pikmin that you need to send in order to complete the mission, with the maximum being twelve, usually. Now, the more Pikmin you send, the faster they’ll come back. Once you’ve assembled your team, to send your Pikmin on an expedition in Pikmin Bloom, just hit the little red GO button in the bottom right.

Your team will then go into the wild to bring back what you’ve sent them for. You don’t have to bother with them at all; just go about the rest of your activities normally. However, if you really want to, you can visually follow the crew on their adventure. After the clock has ticked down to the end, they will return with the bounty you asked them to get. Rinse and repeat.

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