FFXIV Fashion Report - Fangs Bared

This week’s FFXIV Fashion Report task has arrived and has the title of – Fangs Bared. This suggests you need to get feline with your fashion. Prints and furs are likely to be the way to go. All you need to do is head over to the Golden Saucer and get your best runway clothes on. Read on as we discuss the Fangs Bared – FFXIV Fashion Report.

FFXIV Fashion Report - Fangs Bared
FFXIV Fashion Report – Fangs Bared

The fashion report is a weekly event, which you can take part in by going to the Golden Saucer. Speak with the Masked Rose, and every week he will provide you with a new fashion report task. This involves dressing up to a brief he has given. For example, this week is the Fangs Bared Challenge.

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Micro clues get provided for different parts of the body and what to wear. A mannequin diagram will show each part and its hint. You have to dress up in the items you think best suit the description. This gets scored and you gain MGP for taking part.

Fangs Bared Fashion Week Suggestions

There are a few ways to work out what items work best. The first is trial and error. The second is looking back at other fashion week trials. Lots of people have ideas about what will work. You can find that they try things out for you then give hints online. Our tips are as follows:

Leaping Leopards (Headpiece). Could be anything with leopard or animal print. The Coeurl Mask is one suggestion and suits the brief, being a leopard’s head.  It could also be the Spencer Fedora, Militia, Sentinel, or Coeurlregina Horn trade-ins.

Bewitched (Gloves). Witches Gloves or Valerian Shaman.

Old Country (Trousers). A repeat from a previous Fashion week. This could be any of the Augmented Idylshire Slops

Skirts of a Feather (Ring). This has been used for other slots in the past. This usually includes items crafted using a feather as an ingredient. The Vortex Rings or Garuda Rings may be an option for this. It could also include the Shire Custodian’s Ring, Augmented Custodian’s Ring, Yeti Fang Ring, Griffin Talon Ring, or the Muudhorn Ring

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