How to Upgrade Camp in New World - Camp Level up T1-T5

Knowing how to upgrade your camp in New World – especially with a camp level up T1-T5, is an invaluable skill. Camps act as respawn points. In addition, enhanced camps have many more benefits. You can cook better foods at them, and craft enhanced items. Read on as we tell you how to upgrade a camp in New World.

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How to Upgrade Camp in New World - Camp Level up T1-T5
How to Upgrade Camp in New World – Camp Level up T1-T5

How to Upgrade & Level up Camp T1-T5 in New World

You may have seen the option to camp in the game. However, it cannot get accessed until you have unlocked it. To do this, ensure you complete the starting quests. In one of them, you will have to visit the nearest settlement and city.

If you do the quests there, you will meet the Survivalist. He will give you the ability to unlock a Tier 1 camp. The Survivalist will send you to test your skills in the wilderness and build a camp. Y is the keyboard shortcut for creating a camp. Place it on flat ground and build a fire using flint and wood.

How to Make a Camp Tier 2

Camps can upgrade during the game. The tier 2 camp gets unlocked by visiting the town of Monarch’s Bluff. Take part in the quest ‘Friends in Fashion.’ It should unlock at level 15.

How to Get to Level 3 Camp

A level 3 camp requires you to reach level 25 as a player. The quest is named ‘Animal Instincts.’ The character Tosch will help you out with this. You can find him to the southwest of Cutlass Keys town, and he’ll ask you to collect Sharpened Wildcat Claw and Streaked Alligator Scales.

How to Level up Camp to Tier 4

This comes from the quest ‘Lupine Observations’ once you hit level 40. It is not an easy quest, since you have to defeat elite level 44 Wolf Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den. You can find it on the immediate left of the Restless Shore settlement.

How to Upgrade Camp to Level 5

The final camping tier comes from the ‘Fading Lights’ quest. You need to travel to the settlement of Eden Grove. This has a level 55 requirement before you can begin. Derick Wardel will give you the task to defeat ten Ancient Guardians at Pavo.

It is worth noting that camp quests do not need completing in order. You can jump straight from tier 1 to tier 4 if you wish. However, many of the tasks are in areas you should avoid until you have leveled up. For example, the T5 quest involves entering a level 60 territory.

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    The Tier 4 camp upgrade does not involve killing a rabbit. It involves killing an elite level 44 Wolf.

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    Skipping ahead on the quests won’t skip tiers for you, each one just upgrades it one tier per quest. So if you do the level 55 quest in Eden Grove first, it will bump your camp from T1 to T2, not straight to T5

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