Where to Find Founder Pack Items, Ultimate Edition, Deluxe & Standard in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you don’t know where to find your Standard, Deluxe & Ultimate Edition Founder Pack Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ve got you covered. You might think that you’re missing them when they don’t appear at the very start of the game. That is not necessarily the case; you might just have to get further along in the game. Allow me to explain.

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where to find founder pack items ultimate edition deluxe & standard in disney dreamlight valley
Where to Find Founder Pack Items, Ultimate Edition, Deluxe & Standard in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder Pack Items, Standard, Deluxe & Ultimate Edition

To find and get your Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Edition Founder Pack items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to put in some work. First, you have to go through the tutorial portion of the game. Once you get access to your ramshackle house, check the mailbox out front. There, you are going to find the majority of the items you got for purchasing one of the Founder Packs. However, there are some items that are not going to be in there. Instead, they’ll be granted to you as you progress through the game. So, don’t worry if you don’t get immediate access to everything you’ve paid for – you should receive everything in good time.

So, that’s basically all there is to it. That’s how you get and where to find the Founder Pack items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, no matter which edition you got – Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate. We can’t really go into many more details for fear of spoilers. If you do experience any problems, though, you might have to contact support. Either way, the majority of the rewards are cosmetics. The only important difference is in the amount of Moonstones you get. That’s the special in-game currency, and the Ultimate edition comes with a whopping twenty thousand of them. It better, considering the hefty price tag. For more info about the game, check out some of our other guides, like Player Name & Offensive Language Issue and How to Change Outfit.

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