Find the Source of the Bees - Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Find the Source of the Bees is one of the steps you’ll have to complete during the “Get the Astralathe Functional” mission, as a part of the :Eliminate the Bee Threat” sub-quest. While it all seems pretty simple (as in, the path to take seems pretty obvious), there’s still the matter of the bees that will beset you if you come too close. With all of that said, we’ll show you how to find the bees in Psychonauts 2 in this guide.

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find the source of the bees psychonauts 2
Find the Source of the Bees – Psychonauts 2

How to Find the Source of the Bees – Psychonauts 2

To find the source of the bees in Psychonauts 2 while trying to clear out the Astralathe for Ford Cruller, you just need to follow the honey trail. Okay, fine, that’s not all of it, but it’s the basic premise. First off, as soon as you get the mission to find the source of the bees, find the door to the Astralathe that is covered with honey. Open it to reveal a path that’s also covered in a trail of the stuff. So, it’s up to you to get all the way to the top. This will require some careful platforming, but also a little bit of extra help.

As you start walking down the honey path, pay attention to your right. You’ll spot a small fire with the bee smoker above it. Pick it up with your telekinesis, and do not let go of it. If you do, bees will swarm you and you’ll have a very, very bad time. From there, just follow the “road.” That’s how to find the source of bees in Psychonauts 2. Hop over the obstacles, use the green bounce pad when necessary, and, once you climb up the vines, head right and go through the door with a bee symbol.

You’ll find yourself in a library of sorts. Climb to the upper level and you’ll find Cassie O’Pia in her “office.” Take a peek into her mind and help her with her issues. Yes, it will involve a boss fight. Once you complete the whole section, Cassie will explain how to get rid of the bees in the Astralathe.

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