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psychonauts 2 how to save

Psychonauts 2 How to Save

The question of how to save in Psychonauts 2 has been cropping up quite a lot since the game came out. People are trying to…

psychonauts 2 queepie locations

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations

Queepie locations in Psychonauts 2 are usually hard-to-find places where your brother hides after you start the side quest. There are six different locations that…

psychonauts 2 lili fungus location

Psychonauts 2 Lili Fungus Location

The Psychonauts 2 Lili Fungus location is the place where you need to go to find the mushroom and complete Lili’s side quest. Basically, she…

psychonauts 2 emotional baggage

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage is a collectible that you can find scattered around each level of the game. They are kinda hard to find, and…