FNAF Security Breach Party Pass

The FNAF Security Breach Party Pass is a special item that you need to find in order to progress through the game, and it’s in Chica’s Green Room. That’s what Freddy tells you. However, what is more difficult to figure out is where that room is, and, more importantly, how to get in. So, we’ve put together this guide to show you how to get the Party Pass in Security Breach and how to use it.

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fnaf security breach party pass
FNAF Security Breach Party Pass

How to Get Party Pass in FNAF Security Breach

To get the FNAF Security Breach Party Pass in Chica’s Green Room, you need to exit the animatronic upgrade area in the basement. To do that, climb into Freddy and head up the stairs behind the upgrade machine and go through the door with Roxy on it (aka the blue symbol). You don’t technically need to be in Freddy yet, but you will soon enough, so might as well do it early. Get in the elevator and hit the button. When you exit the lift, and head through the next door, you’ll immediately be face to face with Roxy. If you’re in Freddy, she’ll leave you alone.

Exit Roxy’s room and into the atrium, then go right and make your way into Freddy’s room. Enter the back room through the door on the left, then walk to the save point. Use it just in case, then hop up the boxes on the right to enter the vents. Next, to get the Party Pass in FNAF Security Breach from Chica’s Green Room, make your way all through the vents until you see Chica’s room on your right. You’ll be chased the whole time, so be quick about it. The Party Pass will be in the present in front of Chica’s star-shaped vanity mirror.

That’s how you get the first Party Pass in the game, and you can then use it to enter either Monty Golf or Fazer Blast. Just hand it to the droid at the door. I highly recommend you go for the latter, and if you want to know why, check out our FNAF Security Breach Endings guide. Either one you choose, you’ll still have the chance to go to the other game, but only at 6 AM. I’ll say no more about it to avoid spoilers.

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