Forza 5 Fireflies Treasure Hunt, Fly the Fire Like a Bird

A new Thursday, and a new challenge! Forza Horizon 5 Fireflies Treasure Hunt challenge has players “Flying the Fire Like a Bird”. This clue left many players perplexed, as they are not quite sure what they need to do. If you are one of them, here’s how to complete the Fireflies Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5.

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Forza 5 Fireflies Treasure Hunt, Fly the Fire Like a Bird

Fireflies Treasure Hunt Forza Horizon 5 Fly the Fire Like a Bird to Collect 5 Stars

The Fireflies Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5 gives players a rather mysterious clue. The clue says “Fly the Fire Like a Bird to Collect 5 Stars”. And while the flying part is rather obvious, the “fire like a bird” part is a bit more puzzling. This clue contains two parts which you need to solve in order to complete the challenge.

The first part is pointing toward which car you need to pick for this challenge. And the answer is Pontiac 1977 Firebird Trans AM. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to select this model from where is available.

Now, when we got that sorted out, the second part is the actual challenge. What you need to do in order to finish this treasure hunt is to collect 5 stars while performing jumps with the 1977 Firebird Trans AM. For this, any location with the “Danger” sign will do the trick. You will need to perform at least two successful jumps since the maximum number of stars you can earn per jump is three. Make two successful jumps, and the treasure will be revealed on the world map. You can pick any location for the jump, that part is not important.

Once you get 5 stars, the game will show you the location of the chest. Now all that has left is to drive yourself there and collect your weekly reward! With that said, our Fireflies Treasure Hunt guide is completed.

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