Forza Horizon 5 Forzathon Shop not Working

The fact that the Forza Horizon 5 Forzathon shop is not working has been causing a lot of confusion among the player base. After all, the store has been a part of the franchise for a bit now, and it’s right there, in the menu, but when you try to access it, it just doesn’t work. So, what’s going on? Is it some kind of bug or something? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

forza horizon 5 forzathon shop not working
Forza Horizon 5 Forzathon Shop not Working

Forzathon Shop not Working in Forza Horizon 5

The Forzathon shop not working in Forza Horizon 5 has been grinding the gears of many a dedicated fan, as we’ve already said up top. Now, what you need to know is that this is not your fault, nor is it a glitch of any kind. The simple fact of the matter is that the developers haven’t activated the store yet. At least, that’s the latest information from the official forums as of writing this article. I don’t know why it’s not active at launch, but it is what it is. Make sure to follow the official Forza Twitter and the Forza Support Twitter, and they’ll let you know when the store will open.

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For those of you that are new to Forza in general, allow me to bring you up to speed. The Forzathon shop is a place where you can spend Forzathon Points to unlock various prizes. It has existed in previous games in the franchise, so it’s confusing why the Forza Horizon 5 Forzathon shop is not working at launch. I guess they’re still working on it in some capacity. Whatever the case may be, you’ll get access to the shop in a future update. Which one, that I do not know.

So, that’s all we know about the Forzathon shop at this moment. We’ll try and keep you posted about any changes as they come around. If you need help with anything else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Forza Horizon 5 guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written articles like Fast Travel Boards Map, Logitech G923 Wheel not Working Bug Fix, and Treasure Map Not Working.

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