Forza Horizon 5 GMC Jimmy

Forza Horizon 5 has introduced a classic off-roader in the form of a GMC Jimmy. This car is great for taking to the trails. Its retro design is also in stark contrast to many of the modern off-roaders in the title, making it a very unique vehicle. To get it, you need to uncover the car in a barn find. If you want the GMC Jimmy in Forza Horizon 5, then read on.

Forza Horizon 5 GMC Jimmy
Forza Horizon 5 GMC Jimmy

The GMC Jimmy works on two levels. Firstly, it is a classic barn find. This model screams 70’s design. It is from an era of bigger is better, with huge wheels and chassis. On the second count, it is a fantastic off-road vehicle. On roads, it fares less well.

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Forza has fourteen barn find vehicles currently in the game. These are vehicles that you cannot purchase but can find. You can check out our guide on where to find all the barns in Forza Horizon 5 here.

This particular barn find will unlock during the Apex Expedition Outpost. You will get a set of optional objectives when you reach the central ruin. The barn is in marshes off a dirt road. From the ruins, head west towards Cascadas De Agua Azul.

The barn itself is a large, grey building. All look the same, whichever one you uncover. When you arrive a cutscene will begin and you can unlock the vehicle. It is not known if more will be added as the game updates.

You then have two options. The first is to have the vehicle added immediately to your garage. This is for those who are impatient and have money because it costs. If you wait a few hours in the game, the GMC Jimmy will repair automatically. After this, you will find it in your garage. You can then use it to hit off-road trails and paths.

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