Parachute Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is out and with it – the remastered versions of three GTA titles: GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Besides a fresh coat of paint, these games have essentially remained pretty much the same. As every San Andreas player knows, parachutes are one of the most fun ways to get around the game. In this Parachute Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition guide, we will show you all eight locations in the game where you can find parachutes.

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Parachute Locations GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Where to Find Parachute GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

As we said, there are, in total, eight locations in the game where you will be able to get parachutes. We’ve marked these on the map below. When you have a parachute in your inventory, you can then use it in mid-air to cushion your fall damage. Naturally, if you do not use a parachute when you are, for example, ejecting from an airplane, the fall down to the ground will kill you. Thus, the parachute was added to GTA SA as a means of controlling this, as well as getting more control over your movement in the air. If you are interested in other such aerial vehicles, we also have a guide on how to get the jetpack in SA. With that said, let’s see where all the parachutes in SA are:

  • Los Santos – atop the highest building located in Downtown.
  • San Fierro – there are two parachutes you can get here. The first one is in the Financial district, atop the Big Pointy Building. An the second can be found on top of the western tower near Garver Bridge.
  • Las Venturas – on the top of The Emerald Isle casino.
  • Whetstone – top of Mount Chiliad.
  • Tierra Robada – top of the Tierra Robada-side tower.
  • Bone County – once again, two locations. The first one is inside one of the wooden structures on top of Arco del Oeste. The second is near The Big Ear, atop the radio tower there.
parachute locations map
Parachute locations in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.
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