Get Alien Parasite & Cow Hat - Wacky Wizards Alien Update

Roblox Wacky Wednesday has provided a Wacky Wizards alien update, allowing you to get a cool alien parasite and cow hat. This small quest is out there, involving dumpsters and cow’s heads. The whole thing culminates in an obstacle course and the destruction of an alien craft. Luckily, it is not a tough quest. Read on as we guide you through the steps to acquire these rare items.

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Get Alien Parasite & Cow Hat - Wacky Wizards Alien Update
Get Alien Parasite & Cow Hat – Wacky Wizards Alien Update

Wacky Wizards Alien Update – How to get Alien Parasite Ingredient & Cow Hat

Your quest starts with Dumpster Diver Dan, who will be residing at the waterfall/lake area of the map. He should provide you with a very nice cow head ingredient. Once he gives you it, travel back to the cauldron. Drop the cow head into the cauldron, spawn the potion, and drinking it should turn you into a cow.

After you have had fun running around with your cow hat, look for alien spacecraft. They will be projecting a beam of light down onto the ground and should be lurking around the cauldrons. Step into their beams of light and you will transport up into the ship.

Video Guide on How to Get the Alien Parasite

You are now faced with an obstacle course. Move along the conveyor belt, but don’t fall into the red lasers or you will go back to the cauldron. Have patience and they should stop, letting you step through.

After this, jump across the platforms without falling off. You will then have guards, and you must not get spotted by them. Move carefully around the left hand one, then wait for the other to fall to sleep. Once in the cockpit, you can hit the button and self-destruct the ship. You will return to your cauldron and you should have the Wacky Wizards alien parasite in your hands.

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