NBA 2k22 Short Shorts & Socks - Where to Buy

NBA 2k22 has a lot of choices when it comes to clothing, though many people are wondering where to buy short shorts and socks. These can be found in a pop up store on next-gen consoles and there is more than one around the map. They offer you a chance to get limited, exclusive items. For current-gen consoles, you have a few static locations to visit. Read on as we discuss where to buy short shorts & socks in NBA 2k22.

NBA 2k22 Short Shorts & Socks - Where to Buy
NBA 2k22 Short Shorts & Socks – Where to Buy

Where to Buy NBA 2k22 Short Shorts & Socks

If you are looking for short shorts on a next-generation console, then start with the world map. By looking around, you will see waypoint markers for a pop up store in each district. The first is currently in the Northwest of the map in Western Wildcats. It has the appearance of a small trailer. They will sell short black and green shorts.

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The second is in Northern Knights. This is a yellow truck. It has Billionaire Boys Club clothing inside. They will have light short pink and blue shorts.

Another is in Beasts of the East district selling Overtime goods and looks like a domed tent. The last one is another dome in South City Vipers selling Mood clothing and is also a dome.

However, it is expected their location will change. At the time of writing, many people had noticed they had vanished and were waiting for new ones to arrive.

Current Pop Up Store Locations

On current-gen consoles you have a choice of two shops to buy your NBA 2k22 short shorts. The first is the NBA store, which is front and center in the shopping area of the cruise ship. When in the shop, travel down to the State Farm menu. They have a pair of short red shorts for 7500 VC.

The next location is in the Converse Store. This is front and to the left of the NBA store door. They have a pair of plain black shorts and a navy blue/red pair that cost 10,000 VC.

Socks are much easier to find. On next-gen consoles, you need to travel to JT’s sporting goods on the map. On current gen, you can find them at Edisons store under accessories.

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