How to Get Bait Raft

Figuring out how to get bait in Raft (fishing bait, to be exact) is not the most important or urgent matter in the game, but it can be very useful. Basically, the bait makes fishing much easier. Therefore, you can either use the bait to increase your food supply, or to obtain fish for trade. Let’s explain the whole process, shall we?

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how to get bait raft
How to Get Bait Raft

How to Get Bait in Raft

To get fishing bait in Raft, you have to purchase it from the Trading Posts, which you can find on larger islands dotted across the game. By purchase, I mean you have to trade Trash Cubes (more on that in our How to Get Trash Cubes Raft guide). Everything in the Trading Posts costs Trash Cubes; the bait itself costs one Cube. There are three tiers of bait, and all of them cost one Cube; however, in order to unlock the higher tiers, you need to bring raw fish to the Trading Post and thereby increase your reputation.

So, that’s how you get bait in Raft. Mind you, this isn’t the same as shark bait, which you can craft yourself. All you need is two Ropes, two Herrings, and two Pomfrets. However, since herrings and pomfrets are fish, you still have to do some fishing in order to make that bait. That said, it’s important to note that bait is not necessary to catch fish. All you actually need is the fishing rod. Put a plank and a rope on your Research Table to get the recipe for the rod (eight Planks and eight Rope). Then just equip the rod, stand at the edge of the water, and left-click to cast. When you see that a fish is pulling, left-click again to reel it in.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t get bait in Raft; while it’s not a necessity, it still makes fishing much easier. However, do peruse the wares of the Trading Post carefully. If they offer a special item, like the compass, and you can either afford that or the bait… probably a good idea to leave the bait for later.

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