Get Elliot Blanket, Super Spirit Detergent & Fix Tracker in Stray

Don’t know where to find a blanket for Elliot in Stray? If you want to fix your tracker in Stray, first, you will need to help the poor and frozen Elliot. Yup, robots can feel the cold, too! And Elliot simply can not work while he is shivering. However, in order to find the blanket, you will first need to get a series of other items, such as a Super Spirit Detergent, an Electric Cable, and a Poncho. This can all be done in the Slums region. In this guide, we explain step-by-step how to get Elliot Blanket, and where to find Super Spirit Detergent in order to purchase an Electric Cable.

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Get Elliot Blanket, Super Spirit Detergent & Fix Tracker in Stray

How to Get Elliot Blanket Stray

When you bring the Broken Tracker to Elliot, he will explain that he will be able to fix it for you. However, there is a catch. The poor guy is shivering from the cold, and he simply can not focus on his work in that condition. He will kindly ask you to find a blanket for him, which will warm him up. Now, where to find that blanket?

What you need here is not a blanket, but rather something that will work like a blanket. In this case, a Poncho will do the trick! You will be able to get the Poncho from a Grandma in the Slums. You will find her sitting in front of a house with some carpets. Talk with her, and she will ask you to bring her an Electric Cable.

Stray Super Spirit Detergent Location

You will be able to get the Electric Cable from a vendor called Azooz in the Slums. Talk to him, and he will ask for a Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable. Now, this part will be tricky. In order to get the Super Spirit Detergent, you will need to find a shop with the “Super 100% Spirit Power” neon sign on it. If you scratch on a door there, you will hear from an owner that he is tired of “troublemakers” who are “playing with the paint buckets” on the roof.

The Super Spirit Detergent location is inside this shop, but we need to make Kosma the owner open the door. You will achieve this by climbing to the rooftops above his shop. There, you’ll find two robots tossing paint buckets from one roof to another. Stand near one of them, called Vapora, and start meowing until he loses his focus and drops a bucket down on the street, spilling the white paint all over it.

Kosma the shop owner will hear this mess and run out on the street to start clearing the paint. After the cutscene, go back down and enter the shop, which is now open. Inside you will find the Super Spirit Detergent.

Repair Broken Tracker in Stray

Now when we finally have the Super Spirit Detergent, go back to Azooz the vendor and give him the Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable. Bring that cable to Grandma, and she will make you a Poncho for your trouble. Finally, bring the Poncho to Elliot. He will absolutely love it and it will make him feel warm and cosy. Now, with the tremors gone, he will be able to help you and fix your Broken Tracker!

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