Stray Door Digicode, How to Leave Flat

In our Stray Door Digicode, How to Leave Flat guide, we are going to show you where the code is and how to find it. Since this puzzle is fairly early in the game, while you’re still learning the different mechanics, the solution is actually pretty simple. However, if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll easily miss it. So, we’re here to help you out.

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stray door digicode how to leave flat
Stray Door Digicode, How to Leave Flat

How to Leave Flat Stray Door Digicode

To leave the flat in Stray, near the beginning of the game, you have to locate the door digicode. It’s actually pretty easy; you just need to use the mechanic you just learned about. Namely, the main goal in the apartment is to obtain the torchlight. So, you first use the key on the lock that opens into the corridor, and at the end of it is the door that requires the digicode. What you need to do know is turn on the flashlight and walk into the dark room on the right. Look to the right and up. You’ll see a large, empty picture frame that has a bunch of scribbles on the glass, which include the Stray door digicode. Jump onto the shelving unit to get a good look at it. The solution is 3748.

So, yeah, that’s how to get the door digicode and leave the flat in Stray. Obviously, you can simply punch the code in without going through the trouble of finding it, since it appears that the codes are the same for everyone. I expected them to be randomized, but they’re not. Anyways, if you need future help with codes in this game, check out our All Stray Codes guide. We also have a few more articles about the game, like How to Stop Fan and Will Stray Be on Xbox & Nintendo Switch. We’ve also got a bunch more Stray guides in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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