How to Get Gun - Wacky Wizards Gun Update

A lot of players want to know how to get a gun in the new Wacky Wizards Gun Update. Of course they do, since it’s both a new weapon, a new ingredient, and a number of new potions that you can craft. There’s a ton of stuff you can do in the new Gun Update, once you figure out how to get the proper ingredient. So, in our How to Get Gun – Wacky Wizards Gun Update guide, we’ll show you how to get the gun ingredient and all the stuff you can make with it.

how to get gun wacky wizards gun update
How to Get Gun – Wacky Wizards Gun Update

How to Get Gun in Wacky Wizards

To get a gun in the Wacky Wizards gun update, the first step is to get the gun as a potion ingredient. To do that, you need to reach Level 9. You can do that in a bunch of different ways. You can defeat bosses, complete quests, find new ingredients and, most importantly, brew potions (one per minute) to earn experience. You’ll reach Level 9 fairly quickly by just plating the game and experimenting with making potions, essentially. Once you reach the required level, the Gun ingredient should automatically appear on your ingredient bench next to the cauldron.

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Now all you need to do is plop the gun into the cauldron. That’s the only ingredient you need. This will create the Bullet Potion. Just drink it to get the gun. Yes, it’s weird that you have to cook a gun to get a gun instead of just shooting the one you have at the beginning, but oh well. So, that’s how to get the gun in the Wacky Wizards gun update. However, if you care to play around with other ingredients, you can actually unlock different types of guns. Here are the recipes.

  • Beangun Potion – Gun + Beans
  • Bee Cannon Potion – Gun + Honey
  • Buxshoot Potion – Gun + Robux
  • Dynamite Slinger Potion – Gun + Dynamite
  • Flamethrower Potion – Gun + Chilli
  • Freeze Gun Potion – Gun + Frozen Egg
  • Giant Ray Potion – Gun + Giant’s Ear
  • Gun-Fire Potion – Gun + Airstrike
  • Pig Launcher Potion – Gun + Pet Tags
  • Poison Hair Potion – Gun + Spider
  • Poopy Gun potion – Gun + Rotten Sandwich
  • Shrink Ray Potion – Gun + Fairy
  • Water Gun Potion – Gun + Fish
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