Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats

Victoria 3 console commands and cheats are available in this game just as it was the case with all titles before it. Console commands are shortcuts that allow you to experiment with the game and also get easy access to different resources. In this Victoria 3 console commands and cheat codes guide, we’ll show you how to access cheats as well as a full list of console commands.

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Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats
Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats

Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats

Before enabling console commands and using cheat codes you’ll have to open the game in Debug Mode. If you don’t know how to access Debug Mode just press ~ (tilde) key. You can also activate debug mode through the launcher. Right click the launcher and select Properties. In the Launch Option dialog box enter -debug_mod. Once you open the console just copy the commands from the list below and press enter to execute them.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the r/Victoria3leaks reddit community for collecting most of the commands in the table below. These are not all available commands in the game, we will update the list as soon as we unveil the new ones.

Console CommandsExplanation
add_approval [interest group] [amount] [time]Increase the approval of interest groups for a limited time
add_clout [interest group] [amount] [time]Increase the clout of interest groups for a limited time
add_ideology [interest group] [ideology to add]Change an ideology of an interest groups
add_loyalist [culture] [amount]Add amount of  loyalists to a culture in your country
add_radical [culture] [amount]Add amount of radicals to a culture in your country
add_relations [country tag] [amount]Add relations to a culture in your country
add_war_support [country tag] [amount]Add war support to a country in a war
annex [TAG]Country annexation
annex_allAnnex all countries
change_law [law]Change law to the specific one
check_pollution_level [State region tag]Shows the pollution level for the specified state region
conquerall [Country tag]Set country under your control
date []Changes the in-game date to the specified date
debug_modeToggles debug mode
escalate [amount]Adds escalation
event [event-Name]Start an event
fastbuildBuilds buildings instantly
fastenactFast change of political laws
fasthireNo hiring limit
fastinstitutionsQuick change of institution
fastinterestsNo interests enabling time
fastmobilizeInstant mobilization
fastresearchInstant research
fastrevolutionInstant revolution
fastsecessionInstant secession
fasttravelsInstant travels for generals
fowStarts Fog of war
Graphics.CapFramerate [FPS]Caps the framerates at the specified FPS value
help [keyword]Lists relevant commands related to that keyword
helpList all commands
kill_character [character name]Kills a character
money [Amount]Adds value to balance
Music.StopTrackStop playing the current track
Music.PlayTrack (track name)Play the track
net_statsShows network statistics
norevolutionDisables revolutions
observeSwitch to observer mode
own [province id/state region tag] [country tag]Transfers control of state/province to country
popstatLists amount of active pops
protrait_editorOpens the protrait editor
province borders (true/false)Shows or hides province borders
reloadReload assets
research [Tech name]Quick technology research
set_devastation_level [state region tag] [amount]Sets the devastation level of the entire state region to the specified amount
set_pollution_level [State region tag] [amount]Set pollution level in specified state region
skip_migrationToggles migration skipping
switchlanguage (language name)Switches language
tag [TAG]Switch to another country
timeShow system time
versionShows game version
yesmenAI agrees with all diplomatic offers
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