How to Get a Stand in A Universal Time AUT - Roblox

The question of how to get a Stand in Roblox Aut – A Universal Time has been causing some confusion among the fanbase. That’s a problem, because Stands are kind of a big thing in the game. So, figuring out how to unlock Stands in AUT is a pretty big deal, even the most basic ones. So, to help you out, here’s our How to Get a Stand in A Universal Time AUT – Roblox guide.

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how to get a stand in a universal time aut roblox
How to Get a Stand in A Universal Time AUT – Roblox

How to Get a Stand in AUT – Roblox

To get a Stand in Roblox AUT, or A Universal Time, the first step is to get an arrow. You can buy one from the shop or dig up the meteors that spawn in the mountain area overlooking the town. The meteors appear fairly often and drop arrows at a decent rate. You need to hold the arrow in your hand to get the basic stands, such as Star Platinum, Whitesnake, Shadow Dio, King Crimson, Crystalized, etc. If you’re unhappy with your Stand, talk to the NPC called Enrico Pucci at the bus stop near the park. He will reset your Stand, so you can try again.

There are other Stands that you can unlock through different means. For example, a large metal sphere called Alien Pod can sometimes spawn in the mountains or on the beach, from which you can get the Omnitrix item. Mind you, it will replace the Stand you currently have, so stay away from it if you’re happy with your current stand. Another answer to the question of how to get a Stand in A Universal Time in Roblox, aka AUT, is to dig up the Sans bone in the forest (or buy it from the shop if you have 150,000 coins to spare). That unlocks the XChara Stand.

There’s also Star Platinum The World, for which you need to have Star Platinum already, find Jotaro’s hat, then get a quest from Jotaro in the Park. For The World Stand, you need to have Shadow Dio and search for a Shadow Orb in the Forest and accept a quest from the NPC found there. In short, there are many ways to mix and match stuff to unlock Stands in AUT, but before anything else, you need to get an Arrow.

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    I need some help, i can’t summon my stand “Star Platinum” on mobile,(i dont have a pc) I can still use dash/block/sprint and the revolver from the stand but i cant summon the stand or use any other abilities.

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