Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour - August 31 - Wooloo

The August 31st Pokemon Go Spotlight hour is going to revolve around Wooloo, one of the creatures that have been added recently to the game. It is a great chance to catch and evolve a whole bunch of them, which is extremely handy considering that Wooloo is a new addition. That said, I’m sure some of you have a few questions, like how to prepare for the event, what the bonuses will be, and can Wooloo be shiny. We’ll be answering those questions in our Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour – August 31 – Wooloo guide.

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pokemon go spotlight hour august 31 wooloo
Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour – August 31 – Wooloo

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Today – August 31

The August 31st Pokemon Go Spotlight hour is going to be all about Wooloo, as we already said. It’s a new addition to the game, featuring in the Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event. From 6PM to 7PM local time, you’ll be seeing the adorable sheep creatures spawn more often than usual. The featured bonus during the hour will be double Evolution XP, meaning you’ll earn twice as much experience when you evolve a Pokemon. While we’re on the subject, you need 50 Wooloo Candy to evolve a Wooloo into Dubwool. So, make sure to stock up on the usual – Poke Balls, Lures, Berries, and maybe a Lucky Egg to earn even more XP.

Can Wooloo be Shiny in Pokemon Go

No, Wooloo can’t be shiny in Pokemon Go. The developers just haven’t added a shiny version of the sheep Pokemon yet, so you can catch as many of them as you want during the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, but they will all be the same color. Is there a remote chance that they’ll put a shiny Wooloo to the game in the last hours before the event kicks off? I suppose, but I definitely wouldn’t bet on it. It always takes time for a newly-added monster to get a Shiny version. I think you’ll just have to contend with the fact that you’ll have to wait for another event before you can get your hands on a non-regular Wooloo.

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