Madden 22 Solo Battle Rewards Not Working

The Solo Battle rewards not working in Madden 22 is one of a mounting number of issues that have been hitting players relentlessly. This one hurts in particular, because Solo Battle is an offline mode that lets people grind MUT Coins and Card Packs fairly efficiently. On the bright side, the developers know about the problem. However, they haven’t revealed any course of action as of writing this article.

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Madden 22 Solo Battle Rewards Not Working
Madden 22 Solo Battle Rewards Not Working

Solo Battle Rewards Madden 22 Not Working

The Solo Battle rewards in Madden 22 are not working, as you might have gathered already from the title and, well, them being entirely broken for you, too. Well, you’re far from the only one; they don’t seem to be working for anybody at all. If it means anything to you, the developers are well-aware of the situation, as evidenced by this tweet from MaddenNFLDirect. It reads: “Hey MUT Community, Solo Battles and Weekend League rewards will be delayed. We will have an update on the status of the rewards later this week.” That really isn’t much to go on, and the replies to the tweet are justifiably upset.

This is an especially big bummer for fans because this mode is a great way to grind out MUT Coins and Card Packs for free. To make things even better, it’s an offline mode that pits you against the AI. The Madden 22 Solo Battle rewards not working means that the whole thing is just useless. Oh, but I’m sure that the shop and modes that funnel you towards microtransactions in general are working relatively fine. Hopefully, the developers are going to fix this mess as soon as possible.

I say relatively fine, because this is just one in a series of blunders that Madden 22 has exposed their fans to. We’ve covered some of them in other articles, such as the Franchise Mode Final Score bug. It just goes to show you; a lot of these yearly franchises are just not sustainable any longer, and often don’t deserve your money at launch. Better to wait and see than buy immediately.

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