How to Get Wisps Creatures of Sonaria Halloween Event 2022

If you want to know how to get Wisps in the Creatures of Sonaria 2022 Halloween event, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to tell you where to find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria and give you a few tips on how to collect and farm them more easily. Nobody should be forced to pay real money for those egregious prices in the in-game store.

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how to get wisps creatures of sonaria halloween event 2022
How to Get Wisps Creatures of Sonaria Halloween Event 2022

Where to Find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria Halloween Event 2022

To find and get Wisps in the Creatures of Sonaria 2022 Halloween event in Roblox, you need to explore the southern half of the map. The north and most of the east is useless. The south and west is where you want to look. The Tundra region is full of Wisps, as is the Volcano and the Redwood. Also, don’t forget the area between the Volcano and the Tundra, because those woods an house quite a lot of Wisps. Also, the Flower Cove (the green area east of Desert Oasis) is also a good place to look. On the flip side, the Dunes, the Desert Oasis and the Plains and (for the most part) the Swamp are not going to help you much.

So, those are the areas where you can find Wisps in the 2022 Halloween event in Creatures of Sonaria, but we have a few more tips on how to get them. First off, if you can, set the graphics to maximum quality. This should help you spot the Wisps more easily. Second, choose a creature that has good stamina, doesn’t get hungry quickly, and can fly or go over all terrain. Aereis, Beezu, Pero and Flixlit should be good choices, for example. Next, keep in mind that Wisps respawn, so do a full sweep of the areas we’ve listed every so often. Also, try to avoid areas where there other people are. If you know somebody with a private server, ask them to let you in. In case you do run into other players, and they nab a Wisp before you, just leave them alone and keep searching.

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