Grandis Fall Guys, Get Free Long Guy Outfit

How to get free Grandis Fall Guys Outfit is one of the trending questions on twitter. It is always interesting to make your guy different from millions of players, and especially if you can get the outfit for free. The reason for this long guy outfit was a problem with accidental purchases, and developers decided to make it right. In this guide we’ll show you how to get long guy in Fall Guys, and also how to change Grandis outfit color.

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Free Grandis Fall Guys Get Long Guy Outfit
How to get Free Grandis Fall Guys and change Long Guy Outfit color

How to get Grandis in Fall Guys, Free Long Guy Outfit

During the last few days, many Fall Guys players reported a problem with accidental purchases in the store. Developers reacted quickly and decided to solve this problem in the best possible way for all players. First thing that you should know is that they will improving the store design to prevent this problem in the future. On the other hand, all players can refund requests for cosmetics from 21st June 2022. And we saved the best for last – Fall Guys developers are giving to everyone GRANDIS free outfit.

If you don’t know how to get the new free outfit just take a look at your inventory. From the Lobby, go to your Locker and select Outfits. Once in Outfits, just select the Upper or Lower tab and look for Grandis outfit. All players should automatically get this long guy for free.

How to change Fall Guys Grandis Color

Grandis is a long guy that looks very similar to the traditional Fall Guy, but the main different is that you can change his color. When you select Grandis from the Outfits, go to Colour tab and choose whatever color you like. Don’t forget that this will affect only the top of the outfit, not the whole body.

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