Greedfall Naut Disguise in Serene - Where to Find

The Naut Disguise in Greedfall is basically any kind of Torso Armor that bears the Naut symbol. The first Naut disguise that you can find is already in Serene, and it’s called the Sailor’s Coat. This disguise is gonna be very useful in many different situations, and will allow you to complete quests much more easily. So, we present you with our Greedfall Naut Disguise in Serene – Where to Find guide to show you how to get that Sailor’s Coat, and a few other tricks.

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Greedfall Naut Disguise in Serene – Where to Find

Naut Disguise Location – How to Get Sailor’s Coat in Greedfall?

To get the Sailor’s Coat in Greedfall, which serves to disguise you as a Naut, you’ll have to go to the Storeroom in the southwest of Serene. This is in the Harbor area. If you’re having trouble finding it, check your map and look for the “Investigate the disappearance of the Naut novice” quest. You don’t have to do the quest if you don’t want to; this just happens to be the same place where the Sailor’s coat can be found, aka, the Storeroom. Or, you know, just look at the map we’ve provided below.

So, make your way to the Storeroom and go inside. Head to the far left corner, and loot the chest. Even though this is Naut territory, the Storeroom is not a Forbidden Zone, so you shouldn’t get any penalty for this. Inside the chest, you’ll find the Sailor’s Coat. Put it on, and you’ll be able to go into Naut forbidden areas without getting attacked and losing Reputation. This comes in very handy during one of the steps of the Coin Guard Merchandise quest, but also later on. Keep this clothing item about you, because you’ll never know when you might need it.

Quick side note: this is not the only disguise that can fool the Nauts. Any torso armor that has the blue symbol of the Nauts in its description (as highlighted above) can work. And it’s not the only Naut disguise that you can find, but it is the earliest one, and you should probably get it asap.

Where to Find Naut Disguise in New Serene in Greedfall?

To get a Naut Disguise in New Serene, there’s a few avenues that you can explore. This is, of course, only if you’ve missed out on the Sailor’s Coat we’ve described previously. Anyway, once in New Serene, the first option to explore is to purchase a Naut torso at the merchant. Again, look for the blue symbol that tells you it’s Naut gear. However, the merchant doesn’t always have one of these among his wares. Luckily, there’s a sneaky workaround.

Swap your body armor with Vasco. Yes, it is as simple as that. Go into the menu, switch to Vasco in the top right corner, and dress him in something else. Then, equip his torso armor onto yourself. Boom, you should now be able to freely explore all the areas the Nauts wouldn’t let you in otherwise.

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