MHW Deathweaver Membrane, Scratched Shell, Fulgurbug Locations - Rimed Hide

Rimed hide, scratched shell, deathweaver membrane and fulgurbug are materials you can use to craft weapons and armor in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. If you want to get your hands on them, you’ll have to hunt some of the expansion’s new monsters. If you’re having trouble figuring out which beasts can provide you with these, keep reading our MHW rimed hide, deathweaver membrane, scratched hell, fulgurbug locations guide and we’ll show you.

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mhw deathweaver membrane scratched shell fulgurbug rimed hide locations
MHW Deathweaver Membrane, Scratched Shell, Fulgurbug Locations – Rimed Hide

Deathweaver Membrane

You can only get this one from the Blackveil Vaal Hazak. You’ll find it in the Rotten Vale or the Ancient Forest. Water and dragon weapons are equally effective against it, while water-based ones are completely useless.

Scratched Shell

This is another material you can only get from a single species. This time, it’s the Scarred Yian Garuga. You’ll find this Wyvern in the Guiding Lands, but it only appears in Forest level 6 or above. Use a water weapon for best results (dragon will do in a pinch, but avoid fire and thunder at all costs).


Nobody knows for certain how to get the fulgurbugs yet. We do know from previous games that they’re the little blue flies that always accompany a Zinogre. We also know it’s a requirement for the Zinogre armor sets. All of this makes us believe they’re obtained from the Zinogre itself. We’ll update when we know more.

Rimed Hide

You can only get the rimed hide from one enemy. It’s the Shrieking Legiana, the large ice wyvern from Hoarfrost Reach. You won’t get it just for beating it – no, you’ll have to break either the head or the back for a chance to receive this item. Using a fire weapon will speed up the fight considerably, so equip one if you have it.



  1. Z

    Fulgurbugs can be obtained by using a capture net on a k.o.’d Zinogre’s back

  2. S

    Using the capture net after you knock out or topple the Zinogre will get you a Fulbur bug or you can also get them as a shiny drop IF you are lucky that’s how I keep getting mine as well as I think it has a small percent chance to drop after you break it’s back, at least that was also consistent in the previous titles

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