Where is Greedy Marker Roblox Find The Markers

If you’re wondering where is the Greedy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers, you’ve come to the right place. This is definitely one of the trickier markers to figure out. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you where to find the Greedy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers and how to get it.

where is greedy marker roblox find the markers
Where is Greedy Marker Roblox Find The Markers

How to Get Greedy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

To get the Greedy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers, you have to figure out where to find it. This is easier said than done, even if the developers put it in the “easy” category. The hint says that you’ll find this marker is “where the money is.” Well, what exactly is that supposed to mean? Where is the money in this game? Well, in the Donations section, of course. That’s the second button at the bottom of the screen, the one that’s a hand putting money into the box. When you click it, a new window will pop up, through which you can donate money to the creators of the game. Don’t worry, though, you don’t actually have to give them any money if you don’t want to.

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No, to find and get the Roblox Find the Markers Greedy Marker, look closely at the bottom left corner of the Donate window. See that little nub that’s just barely visible? Click it. Boom, you now have the Greedy Marker. I have to say, that’s a pretty clever place to put one of these collectibles. Plus, it pulls double-duty of making you click on the Donate button. You know, just in case somebody feels like tossing a few Robux to the developers. And, hey, if you have money to spare and are enjoying the game, why not?

how to get greedy marker in roblox find the markers
Click the little marker in the corner of the Donate window
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