Gundam Evolution Tier List

Gundam is a long-running anime and manga series and one of the franchises responsible for popularizing the mecha genre. Given its massive popularity and cultural status, there have been many different iterations, spin-offs, and adaptations for the series across practically all mediums. Naturally, this also includes video games. The nature of Gundam, which is all about powerful space robots fighting it out among themselves, lends itself very well for video game gameplay. The latest Gundam video game to be released is Gundam Evolution. A fast-paced FPS in which you play 6 v 6 team battles, it depends on your choice of mech as much as it does on your skill as a player. This means that you need to consider which mobile suit to get. In this Gundam Evolution Tier List guide, we are going to see which ones are the best.

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Gundam Evolution Tier List
Gundam Evolution Tier List

Gundam Evolution Tier List, From S to D

There are many robots you can choose to use in Gundam Evolution. While all of them are viable to play with, some are simply better than others – with stronger abilities and better stats. Of course, the game has only been recently released, so expect some of these to get nerfed, and others to get buffed. If the game is popular enough, we can probably expect additional mechs to get added as well. But with that said, let’s see which Gundams are the best and which ones are the worst picks in the game right now. Our list goes from S (the best) all the way down to D (the worst) tier. Let’s begin, starting with S-tier:

  • Sazabi
  • Zaku II (Melee)
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Gundam Barbatos

Next up, A-tier:

  • Gundam
  • GM Sniper II
  • Methuss
  • Mahiroo

Moving on to, B-tier:

  • Asshimar
  • DOM Trooper
  • Zaku II (Ranged)
  • Pale Rider
  • Gundam Exia

Followed by C-tier:

  • Guntank
  • GM

And, finally, D-tier:

  • Turn A Gundam
  • Marasai (UC)
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