Hearthstone Infuse Keyword Explained, Murder at Castle Nathria

What is the Infuse keyword in Hearthstone and how does it work? Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria, is set to be released this summer and it comes with a host of new mechanics. As usual, the 135 new cards will bring a new thematic cycle, new keywords, new card types, and much more. Given that the main theme of this murder mystery-inspired expansion is death and vampirism, it’s only natural that the new keyword, Infuse, works around these themes as well. In this guide, we explain what exactly is the Infuse keyword in Hearthstone and how it works. Also, we list all currently revealed Infuse cards from Murder at Castle Nathria.

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Hearthstone Infuse Keyword Explained, Murder at Castle Nathria

How does Infuse work in Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria expansion?

As we’ve already mentioned, “Infuse” is the newest Hearthstone keyword, introduced in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. Cards with the Infuse keyword can be both spells and minions. And already a handful of cards with this keyword has been revealed, with no doubt that we will see more of them.

So what does Infuse mean and how does this Hearthstone keyword work? Infuse cards have two versions. The basic version of the card is the part before the Infuse keyword. Then, there’s the upgraded version of the card. That’s the text after the word Infuse. In order to upgrade an Infuse card into its more powerful version, a specified number of minions needs to die while that card is in your hand.

That number is always specified alongside the Infuse keyword in the card text. For example, the Frozen Touch card says “Deal 3 damage. Infuse (3): Add a Frozen Touch to your hand”. This means that if three minions have died while Frozen Touch was in your hand, you will get an additional effect of the card, listed after the Infuse keyword. It is important to note that Infuse cards only count dead minions while being in your hand. Infuse cards will not trigger while being anywhere else besides your hand. With that said, that’s all you need to know about the Infuse keyword in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion.

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