Hello Neighbor 2 Doll Locations

There are three Hello Neighbor 2 doll locations that you need to find in order to open the doll house. All three dolls are hidden in various places around the house, forcing you to solve three mini puzzles. In reality, this task is fairly easy to complete once you know what you’re doing. So, let’s find out how to open the doll house in the new Hello Neighbor.

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hello neighbor 2 doll locations
Hello Neighbor 2 Doll Locations

Hello Neighbor 2 Girl Doll Location

The location of the Girl Doll in Hello Neighbor 2 is actually right next to the doll house itself, in the kitchen. If you look at the wall to the right, you’ll see a plank nailed to it. Equip the crowbar from your inventory and use it to yank the plank off. This will reveal a hidden little compartment, in which you’ll find the Girl Doll. You can then immediately place it on the doll house. Her place is on the left. By the way, the solution to the puzzle is the drawing on the fridge, just in case you want to solve it by yourself.

girl doll location hello neighbor 2
The Girl Doll is behind this plank

Where to Find Neighbor Doll in Hello Neighbor 2

To find the Neighbor Doll in Hello Neighbor 2, you’re gonna have to put in a bit more work. On the same wall that you found the plank in but in the opposite corner, you’ll find a vent above the dresser. However, you can’t remove the vent cover. Instead, you have to go around to the other side of the vent. Climb onto the dresser and remove the picture covering the opening. Crawl inside to collect the doll (and make note of the map for future reference). Place it on the right pedestal of the doll house. Now for the arguably most difficult doll to find.

where to find neighbor doll in hello neighbor 2
The vent entrance is behind this picture

Boy Doll Location in Hello Neighbor 2

The location of the third and final doll, the Boy Doll, is further away from the kitchen. Go into the main hallway on the ground floor and go towards the stairs. To the right of them, you’ll find a framed picture of an autumn landscape. Move the picture to reveal three wheels with letters that you can spin to enter the code. Enter the word “NOT” and the wall will move to reveal a secret room. Go inside and you’ll find the Boy Doll on the shelf on the right. Place it on the center pedestal, and boom, the doll house will open and give you a key. Said key opens one of the four locks on the door in the living room.

Enter code NOT to open the secret room
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    I find the boy doll to be pretty easy to find, as all you have to do is turn on the TV in another room. The scenery from the TV matches the picture that hides the doll and you simply take the first letter of each word on the screen in order to get the code NOT.

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