Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors

Hello Neighbor 2 is finally out! This long-awaited sequel to the 2017 hit stealth horror adventure game is here, and with it – a whole new bunch of puzzles to solve. Like in the first game, you will need to employ not just your brains (and legs), but also a variety of tools to overcome the game’s many challenges. One of the earliest items that you will need to get are the Scissors. To help you get this item as soon as possible, we’re going to show you where to find and how to get the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors
Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors

How to Get Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2

To be able to get the Scissors in HN2, head towards the Green House. It is right across the street from the Blue House. In front of it, you will see a big Treehouse. While there doesn’t seem to be any way for you to climb there, you are actually able to do this very easily and quickly. Go to the back of the Green House. There is a trampoline there. Jump on it and from there, to the roof of the house. Once there, jump from the roof onto the Treehouse. Open the door and head inside.

Next, interact with the drawing of the robot on the wall. This will open up a secret compartment. Pick up the robot’s arm, turn around, and attach it to the robot sculpture there. What you need to do here is to manipulate its arms until they are in the same position as the drawing. Once you have done this correctly, its eyes will start glowing, and another compartment will open – this time inside it. Pick up this object. Attach this to the mechanism at the table with the train and turn it on. This will make the train start moving and bring you the Scissors. All that’s left to do is to pick them up. Congratz, you now have the Scissors in your inventory.

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