Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations

Like the first game, Hello Neighbor 2 is full of secrets to uncover and puzzles to solve. One of the earliest puzzles in the game requires that you find four frame pieces that make up a picture. This photo puzzle is pretty tricky, and this is why we have decided to write this guide. In it, we’re going to show you all of the Picture Pieces locations in Hello Neighbor 2, so that you can solve it without too much hassle.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations
Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Pieces Locations

Hello Neighbor 2 Photo Piece Location #1

The first step here is to get the Scissors. If you are unsure how this is done, we have a separate guide on where and how to find the Scissors. Once you have them, go into the Blue House, and make your way upstairs – use the Scissors to cut the tape that was preventing you from going up there. There, you will find a photo frame up on a drawer. It only has a part of the photo. Your job is to find the other ones. The first photo piece is in the other room next to it. Use your Scissors to cut through the tape and pick it up.

Hello Neighbor 2 Picture Piece #2

For the second Picture Piece, you’re going to need the Crowbar. Head downstairs. Right next to the staircase there is a painting. Interact with it. This will open up a combination wheel. You need to put in NOT for the door to open. Head inside and pick up the Crowbar. Go back upstairs and use it to open the crate there. Inside you will find the second Picture Piece.

Where to Find Photo Piece 3 in Hello Neighbor 2

To get the third Picture Piece, go to the room with the incomplete picture. Jump on top of the closet, and use your Scissors to cut through the cobwebs there. Pick up the Dumbell. Next, take the Dumbell and go to the room next to the crate. Inside, you will see a blue pressure plate. Drop the Dumbell on it. This will cause the nearby closet to open up, revealing the third Photo Piece.

Hello Neighbor 2 Frame Piece #4

The fourth and final Frame Piece is in the same room as the third one. Go to the pillow on the ground and use your Scissors to cut into it. Pick up the fourth Picture Piece. Take it to the photo frame and put it inside. When you have completed the picture, a secret compartment will open up on the bookcase next to it. Get the Key that was hidden inside to complete this puzzle.

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