Hitman 3 Berlin - Apex Predator - ICA Agents Locations

Apex Predator is one of the missions in Hitman 3. It’s the one that takes place in Berlin, in and around a big warehouse where a rave is taking place. It order to comlpete it, you’ll have to assassinate some ICA agents patroling the area. There’s eleven of them, but you only need five for completion. The problem is, they’re not wearing uniforms, so figuring out who’s who can be problematic. If you’re having trouble finding them, our Hitman 3 Berlin ice agents locations guide will show you where to look.

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hitman 3 berlin apex predator ica agents locations
Hitman 3 Berlin – Apex Predator – ICA Agents Locations

Agent Price location

Agent Price is the one roaming to forest as you approach the rave from the road. He’s not part of any challenge, but he does count towards the total, so deal with him any way you like. Don’t remember to grab his stuff – it includes an ear piece that will let you listen in on the rest of the agents.

Agent Swan location

Agent Swan can be found behind the warehouse, in the area near the juice bar. He’s dressed in a gray t-shirt with a black, long-sleeved shirt under it, and black shorts. He has short hair and wears sunglasses. He drops a keycard hacker.

hitman 3 berlin agent swan location

No matter how you deal with him, you’ll complete the Swan Song challenge. If you serve him a drink dressed as the bartender, you’ll also get the Juiced Up achievement. Finally, if you dump his body in the canal, you’ll complete the Spree Party challenge.

Agent Davenport – where to find

Agent Davenport is also behind the warehouse, in the area with the parasols where people are chatting around standing tables. He wears jeans, white sneakers, a black sleeveless shirt and sunglasses. He’ll drop a lockpick when you kill him.

hitman 3 agent davenport location

No matter how you kill him, you’ll complete the Rookie challenge. If you drop a bag of bricks on his head from the roof, you’ll complete Suck a Bag of Bricks. If you poison his drink then drown him in the port-a-potty, you’ll unlock Versatile Assassin: Hold My Hair.

How to find Agent Green

Agent Green is patrolling the upper portion of the warehouse roof. He’s disguised as a security guard, and has a regular, non-agent guard watching his back. You can get the radio tower key from him.

hitman 3 agent green location berlin

There’s only one challange tied to Agent Green, and you’ll get it regardless of how you kill him. It’s called The Scout.

Agent Thames

You can find agent Thames in the construction site in the northwest. He’s patrolling the area, dressed as event staff – black sleeveless shirt with a pink logo, black ski mask.

hitman 3 agent thames location

Killing him allows you to complete The Professional challenge. If you drop the concrete from the crane on him, you’ll get the Crane Trauma achievement, but you need a fuse for that.

Agent Montgomery & Banner

These two are patrolling the main rave floor at level -1, dressed as security. Killing Montgomery unlocks The Leader achievement, while dealing with Banner completes The Wall challenge. If you sabotage the lightning equipment and dress up as a DJ, you can fry them both for the How the Turntables challenge.

Agent Chamberlin location

Agent Chamberlin is also disguised as a security guard. You’ll find him at level -2, patrolling the area around the security room. Killing him will complete the Joker challenge. You can also unlock the Whiteout achievement if you envelop him in a cloud of white powder.

hitman 3 berlin agent chamberlin

Agent Lowenthal – where to find

Agent Lowenthal is hiding out in the biker clubhouse, on level 0, dressed as one of them, leather jacket with patches and all. Once you dispatch him, you’ll complete the Englishman challenge. If you dress up as a pizza delivery guy and deliver the pizza to the clubhouse, you’ll complete the Wurst Delivery challenge. You can also take this opportunity to poison the pizza and off Lowenthal that way.

hitman 3 agent lowenthal apex predator

Agent Rhodes location

Agent Rhodes is also hiding out in the biker clubhouse. He is on level 1, patrolling the area that includes the grow room. Killing him completes the Veteran challange, and if you poison him using the grow room’s irrigation system, you’ll also get the Paging Dr Greenthumb achievement.

hitman 3 agent rhodes where to find

Agent Tremaine

The last one, agent Tremaine, is also in the biker clubhouse. He’s in the sniper nest on level 2, high above the rest. Killing him will net you the Sniper challenge. If you manage to kill him with his own rifle, you’ll complete the 47th Trick In The Book challenge.

hitman 3 agent tremaine
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