Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code Keypad Location

Berlin Safe Hitman 3 keypad code is a cipher you need to get in order to open the safe in Hirschmuller’s office. The issue is that the Berlin safe code in Hitman 3 is pretty difficult to get, considering that you can only get it by overhearing a specific bit of dialogue that you can easily miss. Even once you figure out the code, there’s still the matter of figuring out where to find the safe in Berlin in Hitman 3. Well, luckily for you, we’ve got it all figured out in our Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code Keypad Location guide.

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hitman 3 berlin safe code keypad location
Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Code Keypad Location

Where to Find Berlin Safe Keypad Code in Hitman 3?

To find the safe keypad code in Hitman 3 Berlin, make sure to obtain a Tech uniform. They’re pretty easy to spot, given they have TECH written in big, white letters on the backs of their shirts. Then, make your way into the club, and go down the stairs with the lightning bolts above them. Go all the way down to Level -2, where the rave is happening. Walk southwards, through the crowd and to the right. Go through the door that has “Tech Only” written above it. Head left and through the double doors with the exit sign above it.

In the next area, you’ll find two techs chatting on the left. Quite auspiciously, they’re talking about robbing their boss. According to them the Hitman 3 Berlin safe keypad code is the “year the wall went down.” Since we’re in Berlin, it’s obvious which wall they mean. For those of you not historically inclined, the year it went down was 1989. Now that we have the code, it’s time to find the safe.

How to Unlock Hitman 3 Berlin Safe Keypad – Safe Location

To unlock the Berlin safe keypad in Hitman 3, you first have to know its location. From the two techs we talked about above, turn right. There will be two bikers there that will try to stop you, so you’ll have to take them out. Then, head right, into the room with two guards inside. You’ll have to pick up the club keycard from the shelves immediately to the left of the door. By the way, this room is the surveillance room, where you can delete security camera footage, if you want to.

With the club keycard in your inventory, double back to the place where the bikers were standing. Use the keycard to open the double doors with the Restricted Access sign. You’ll now be in Hirschmuller’s office. Be careful, since there are people in here. From the door, sneak to the left, towards the shelves next to the cabinet. That’s where Berlin safe location in Hitman 3 is, so use the keypad to enter the code (1989, in case you forgot). Inside, you’ll find a gold idol, which you can use as a blunt weapon, and a big ole brick of coke.

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