Another Death in the Family Hitman 3 Trophy

Hitman 3 Another Death in the Family is an assassination challenge that you can complete in the Dartmoor mission, and it requires you to basically (spoilers) help Emma to kill Alexa. There are several ways to approach Another Death in the family; unfortunately, none of them are very easy to pull off. Then again, that’s what this game is all about, isn’t it? Still, I’d imagine some of you might get stuck. To help you out, here’s our Another Death in the Family Hitman 3 Trophy guide.

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another death in the family hitman 3 trophy
Another Death in the Family Hitman 3 Trophy

How to Complete Hitman 3 Another Death in the Family Challenge Trophy?

To complete the Another Death it the Family Hitman 3 challenge trophy, you have to dispose of Alexa Carlisle by Emma poisoning her. There are three ways that you can do this. The first one, and arguably the easier method. The first thing you gotta do is go into the greenhouse. To do that, you need either a lockpick, or a crowbar. There are several crowbars you can find, including right behind the greenhouse, on some crates. Then, go to the fountain across from the greenhouse door, and get the wrench. I recommend getting a Security outfit to make moving around easier.

Now, go into the greenhouse and head to the distillation kit. Repair it using the wrench, and now all the pieces are in place. Trigger the meeting in the main room of the mansion (either the photograph or the graveyard). If you’ve done everything properly, Emma will use the kit you repaired to make more poison, then use it to kill Alexa.

where to complete hitman 3 another death in the family
Fix the distillation kit in the green house

Note that some people have gone around this a bit differently. Namely, they triggered the meeting, waited for Emma to go into the greenhouse, then fixed the distillation kit behind her back. She then thanks god that it’s fixed, makes the poison, and things proceed as described above. Use whichever chain of events suits you best.

The second method to complete Hitman 3 Another Death in the Family to use entice Emma during your detective escapades. You can do this by working on solving the Death in the Family murder mystery. You can read our Death in the family – Zachary bedroom clues, Emma & Gregory room clues guide for the full details. During the process, you’ll go into Emma and Gregory’s room. Once inside, make sure to find the letter from Emma’s mother, the Greenhouse Key Chain, and especially the footprints near the fireplace. You can use your camera to scan them.

With that done, head into the greenhouse behind the mansion, where you can find further damning evidence. What you have to do now is talk to Emma in the greenhouse, after fixing the . You can tell her about the evidence you have on her. If you’ve done everything properly, she will run off. Give her a little while, and she’ll poison Alexa, too. Interesting way of covering things up, I suppose.

The third method to complete Another Death in the Family in Hitman 3 is to do everything yourself. Break into the greenhouse and fix the distillation kit, as described above. However, at that point, take some of the poison plants to the left of the kit, and make the poison yourself. Then, disguise yourself as one of the mansion staff, and go into the meeting room (again, you have to trigger an event that leads them in there). Pour the poison into the glass of whiskey on the bar. All that’s left to do now is to wait for Alexa to take a sip.

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