Hitman 3 Treacherous Architecture Achievement

Treacherous Architecture is an achievement you can get in Hitman 3. It’s part of the Dubai mission, and it requires you to kill your targets, Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, in specific ways. You’ll have to murder the first using an oil rig model, while the second needs to be pushed off a rail. Afterwards, you’ll need to kill them both while they’re in the air. If that sounds like a bit much, our Hitman 3 Treacherous Architecture achievement guide will help you along the way.

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hitman 3 treacherous architecture achievement
Hitman 3 Treacherous Architecture Achievement

How to push Stuyvesant over a rail?

There’s a story mission that can help you complete this objective, it’s called (In)Security. You’ll need to steal some documents from a new recruit. You can find him in the locker room next to the kitchen – use the code 4706 to get there through the atrium.

Once you have the papers, you’ll need a particular disguise – event security, the guys in white uniforms with blue berrets. They usually go in paris, so look for one that can easily be separated from their partner. As you follow the instructions, you’ll get to meet Stuyvesant at some point.

He’ll ask you to throw some knives at some targets – if you manage to hit them all, he’ll send off the other guards in order to congratulate you in private. As he leans over the balcony railing, nudge him gently and he’ll fall.

How to kill Ingram with his oil rig model?

The kill itself is pretty simple – just push him while he’s standing over the model in his office. However, getting to that point is rather tricky.

To do it, you’ll have to play through the Bird of Prey mission. To start it, head to the garden on level 1 and look for Zana Kazem, the guy trying to get inside unsuccessfully. You’ll need to pose as him, which means downing him and getting his clothes.

Once you’ve got the disguise, go up the stairs and talk to the assistant. The guard will frisk you, so make sure you dump any illegal items beforehand. Follow the assistant and you’ll end up face to face with Ingram. That’s not the end of it, though. He’ll ask you to kill a reported in order to prove yourself.

You’ll find your target at the party downstairs – escort him, then take him out when you’re in a secluded spot. You don’t actually have to kill him – just take a picture of his uncoscious body, it’ll be enough to fool Ingram.

Bring the picture to the assistant, and you’ll be allowed to meet Ingram again. He’ll send all the guards away except for one, then stand above the oil rig model. That one remaining guard will be a problem, so have a thrown item handy to knock him out, either before or after you assassinate Ingram.

How to kill Ingram & Stuyvesant in the air?

The easiest way to get them both in the air is to sabotage their parachutes, then call for evacuation. They’ll jump from the building thinking their parachutes will land them safely.

To do this, you’ll need to look for security room on level 3. There’s a locked box inside it – the code 6927 will open it. Grab the evacuation code, then use it on two terminals in the penthouse. There’s a timer on them, so you’ll have to run between the two without making any stops. This will cause both Stuyvesant and Ingram to start the evacuation procedure. While you wait for them to jump, you can use a knife to vandalize the parachutes.

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