House of Ashes Save Rachel

The House of Ashes is the newest entry in the horror-themed The Dark Pictures Anthology series. If you’ve played any of the past games, then you already know how hard it is to keep certain characters alive to the very end. In House of Ashes, one such character is Rachel. In order to save her, you will need to make some specific choices during the course of your playthrough. If you are interested in accomplishing this, then our House of Ashes Save Rachel guide will tell you precisely what you need to do and when.

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House of Ashes Save Rachel

How to Save Rachel in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

There are several choices that determine whether or not Rachel survives. The first of these is whether or not to cut the rope, with Rachel dangling on the other end. Whatever you choose here, Rachel will survive the fall, but you need to have Eric alive for later. So, the correct choice here is to cut the rope. The next relevant choice will occur during The Truce chapter. You have to successfully pass all the QTEs and kill the demon. After that, tell Salim that he won’t be hurt by Nick’s friends. The third choice is to leave Clarice behind once the option to do so arises. Just like the rope choice, this needs to be done because otherwise Eric won’t survive.

In The Assault chapter, have Rachel use the machinegun. Also, direct Salim to shoot the creature attacking Rachel. Likewise, you will need to save Eric when you get the chance. In the Strange Aeons chapter, choose not to have Rachel set off a phosphorous round with her knife. Tell Jason not to shoot her and choose to put her in the cocoon. Finally, all that’s left to do is to survive the final assault on the surface. If you pass all the QTEs, Rachel will survive.

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