How to Get 4 Socket Crystal Sword in Diablo 2 Resurrected

There are only a couple of ways to reliably get a 4 socket Crystal Sword in Diablo 2: Resurrected. However, this can be very tricky to successfully pull off. The reason for this is that it depends on several factors, such as item level, your character level, and the level of the monster that dropped it. As such, you really need to be in a sort of sweet spot in order to get it. All of this requires a certain meta-gaming knowledge about the game. You’re in luck, since our How to Get 4 Socket Crystal Sword in Diablo 2 Resurrected guide is here to teach you all that you need to know about how to acquire these.

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How to Get 4 Socket Crystal Sword in Diablo 2 Resurrected

How to Get a 4 Socket Crystal Sword in D2 Resurrected

By far, the most dependable way to get a 4 socket Crystal Sword is on the Normal Secret Cow Level. We’ll explain why in a bit. The other ways to get it involve the Chaos Sanctuary and Act 5 Normal, though these are far less likely to yield a Crystal Sword with exactly four sockets. Now, let’s go over all of these. Like we mentioned, the Secret Cow level is your best bet here. If you are unsure how to get to it, we have a great Secret Cow Level guide, but it is important to note that you will need to beat the game (on Normal) before you can access it.

The item level for a four socketed CS needs to be in the range of 26 to 40, and all the enemies on the Cow Level are Level 28-31. This makes this particular level of this particular difficulty the ideal place to farm this item. The Chaos Sanctuary isn’t as reliable, since the majority of the mobs there are much higher level. The last way to get a Crystal Sword with 4 sockets is from doing Larzuk’s “Siege on Harrogath” quest in Act 5. He can give you a 4-socket CS, but only if it is item level 40 or below. If it is lvl 41 or above, the Crystal Sword you can get from him can have 6 sockets instead.

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  1. I

    I ended up getting a 3 socket CS with Larzuk. Guess my random CS level was too low. The Spirit sword just got more distant =(

    1. R

      I feel you. I found a LS in NM and tried it and got 3Os. Wasted the quest. pepeHands.

    2. A

      U need to get crytal sword in normal cow level then use the socket quest from larzuk it will give 4 socket

      1. S

        I tried that though, I got a crystal sword from cow level normal, and I used Larzuk’s quest reward to add sockets, and it gave me 6 sockets on the sword, not 4.

      2. O

        No that doesnt work for me in online game :< are you sure about that? there is a guide says the same but i tried with 2 cs with 3 sockets, didnt work.

  2. M

    Same I just did an eth crystal sword with the larzuk quest and I got 3 sockets because I trusted the info here.

  3. Z

    Alright since I’ve seen a few comment’s I’ll explain.

    The chances of getting a 4OS Crystal sword from Larzuk, assuming the sword is from cow level, is 50%

    Larzuk basically rolls a 6 sided dice when you socket something. If it lands on 1-3 you’re out of luck. But Because CLevel 40 Crystal sword is capped at 4 possible sockets, If it rolls 4-6 it gives you 4 sockets. All items work this way from Larzuk. He rolls 1-6, and you get whatever number he gives you. If that number exceeds the max number of sockets it gives you max sockets for that item.

    1. G

      Not true about rolling chance on sockets at Larzuk, rolling dice on sockets applies to the socket horadric cube recipe only. Larzuk ALWAYS gives maximum possible number of sockets on white items according to their item level.
      If anyone got 3 sockets on a CS from cows is because the item was either low quality and fixed with cube recipe or because it didnt drop in normal cows. Maybe someone just tossed one they found elsewhere.
      If anyone got 6 sockets then it wasnt from normal cows either, first area that can drop high enough iLVL for 6 sockets on a CS is Nightmare Outer Cloister a1

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