How to See Record on FIFA 22

If you want to know how to see your record in FIFA 22, you’re far from the only one. After all, they’ve moved where that info is displayed, so even those familiar with the franchise might have trouble figuring out how to check your record in FIFA 22. The system is pretty simple, all things considered, once you know where to look. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide.

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how to see record on fifa 22
How to See Record on FIFA 22

How to See Your FIFA 22 Record

To see your record in FIFA 22, you can no longer just glance at the top left corner in the Ultimate Team screen. They’ve changed the placement for some reason. Maybe to make you shuffle through several other options to make purchases, or just to make it seem like they’re actually changing the game in some manner, I don’t know. Anyway, what you actually have to do is change the tab from Home to Club by pressing R1/L1 or RB/LB. From there, switch over from Squad to Stadium, and that’s where your stats will be. Specifically, in the largest rectangle, you’ll see Stadium in big, green letters. Below that, it says “customize your club,” and below that is when your club was established. Under that is your W-L-D ratio. Those letters stand for Win, Lose and Draw, respectively.

There’s also the option to compare your scores to the people on your friend list. Now that we know how to see your record in FIFA 22, might as well cover this, too. Head over to Leaderboards and change the category to Transfer Profit. Then, select one of your friends from the list, and you’ll see your and their records in the small, white font next to your club badge. So, that’s another method when it comes to how to check your record in FIFA 22. If you need help with anything else, check out some of our other FIFA guides, like Early Access Pack Objectives & Tips, Puzzle Master SBC Solution, and Loyalty Glitch.

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