How to Find Rotjaw Hunt Showdown

The Tide of Shadows event is now live in Hunt: Showdown. As part of this event (which lasts from June 28th until August 23rd, 2023), a brand-new boss enemy has been added to the game – the fearsome Rotjaw. Of course, if you want to defeat this Hunt Showdown crocodile boss, you will first need to know where it is and how to best fight it. In this guide, we are going to show you both how to find Rotjaw in Hunt Showdown, as well as how to then take it out.

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How to Find Rotjaw Hunt Showdown
How to Find Rotjaw Hunt Showdown

How to Find Rotjaw in Hunt Showdown

When it comes to finding Rotjaw in H:S, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that, unlike other bosses, it isn’t located in the compound. Rather, just like a real gator, it can be found in and near water. Also, this undead aligator appears only at three times of day: Thundershower, Serpent’s Night, and Night. Now, as for how to find it, you will come across Rotjaw Traces. When you interact with these, they will point you in its general direction. Follow the clues and you will soon come across it.

How to Fight Rotjaw Hunt Showdown

Rotjaw has a powerful charge attack. Once you step inside the water surface where Rotjaw is hiding in, she is going to quickly swim up and take a bite out of you. You need to quickly evade her attack and then take a couple of shots in yourselves while Rotjaw is exposed. The Waxed Dynamite Stick work best here, as a single charge can take out half of Rotjaw’s healt. In any case, keep evading and striking at Rotjaw until it is down. Once you have managed to banish Rotjaw, you are going to get a Bounty Token.

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