Silver Marlin - Tales of Arise - Boss Fish Location & Lure

If you have begun fishing in Tales of Arise, you have probably realized the Silver Marlin – Boss Fish needs a specific location & lure. When you catch all the fish, you will unlock the Godly Angler achievement. While many fish appear in multiple spots, the Marlin is one of the more elusive fishes. Even when you find the correct spot, it can still prove tough to catch. Read on as we tell you the location & lure you need to catch the silver marlin in Tales of Arise.

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Silver Marlin - Tales of Arise - Boss Fish Location & Lure
Silver Marlin – Tales of Arise – Boss Fish Location & Lure

Tales of Arise Silver Marlin Location

Of the 12 fishing spots in Tales of Arise, the Silver Marlin only appears at one. Even this spot takes some finding. It resides in Mahag Saar on the Hidden Wharf. Start by talking to Mahavar, who will stand in front of the ships and appears as a green dot on the map. He will then take you on a fishing trip in the ocean. You can catch the following fish here:

  • Vesper Sea Bass
  • Garnet Sea Bream
  • Sardonyx Grouper
  • Blueback Tuna
  • Mahag Saar Baracuda
  • Silver Marlin

Best Lure & Rode for Tales of Arise Silver Marlin

Catching this fish is hard. In fact, you need to leave this Silver Marlin boss fish until last so you can collect the best fishing lure and rods in Tales of Arise. Getting this lure requires a trip to the fishing expert. He can be found in Menancia on the Talka Pond Road. Named the Silver Fang Lure, it will only become available after you have caught forty different types of fish. It is possible to catch one without this, but expect a long, frustrating wait and some luck. The best rod to use is the sniper rod. For this, you need to reel in 20 different types of fish.

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