How to Build Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite

Now sure how to get a Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite? In survival crafting games such as Lego Fortnite, there’s always something new to craft. One building leads to another and it seems like there are always some new conditions. In this particular guide, we explain how to build a Grain Mill, and what materials do you need. Here’s how to get Wheat and Flour in Lego Fortnite.

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How to Get Grain Mill Lego Fortnite
How to Get Grain Mill Lego Fortnite

How to Get Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite

The Grain Mill is one of many utility structures you will eventually want to create in Lego Fortnite. However, the process of getting there is a rather long one. Hence you will need to be patient and do everything step by step until you eventually come there. So, what exactly do you need to do? Read on as we explain the process step by step. Here’s how to get Wheat and Flour in Lego Fortnite, by making the Grain Mill:

  1. The first step in making a Grain Mill is to have a Lumber Mill up and running. This is a basic structure which you need to have in order to make some Planks. Lumber Mill requires 8x Wood and 15x Granite. You can find both of these ingredients almost anywhere in the world.
  2. Next, you will have to have your Crafting Bench upgraded to the uncommon rarity. For this, you will need Shell x3 and Plank x8. You can make some Planks from Wood in your Lumber Mill. For Shells, check out our Rollers guide.
  3. Now use that uncommon Crafting Bench to craft the uncommon Axe. You will need 3x Wooden Rod and 3x Bone.
  4. Equipped with the uncommon Axe, head to a cave and collect some Knotroot inside it. Bring that Knotroot to the Lumber Mill to make some Knotroot Rod. You will also need these Rods at the end fore the Grain Mill.
  5. Use that Knotroot Rod x3 and Bone x3 to craft an uncommon Pickaxe. This can also be done on the uncommon Crafting Bench.
  6. Now grab that uncommon Pickaxe and go collect some Marble.
  7. With enough Knotroot (20) and Marble (35), use the Build menu to create a Stone Breaker. Use that Stone Breaker to make Granite Slab times 20.
  8. Finally, make 20 Knotroot Rods, 20 Granite Slabs and find 3 Shells, to create a Grain Mill.
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