How to Unlock Traversal Skills Xenoblade Chronicles 3

What are Traversal Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? The popular JRPG is back with its fourth instalment, and it brings a host of new and returning gameplay mechanics. If you are familiar with Xenoblade Chronicles games, you know the importance of your party and their shared skills, such as Ouroboros, Affinity, and other party-based skills. Among them are also Traversal Skills. However, many players are confused as they are completely locked without any explanation. So, how to unlock Traversal Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Read on to find out.

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How to Unlock Traversal Skills Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal Skills Unlock

How to Unlock Traversal Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

As you play through the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you will naturally unlock the Party Skill many. There, you will see three tabs – Traversal Skills, Affinity Bonuses, and Meal Effects. While Affinity Bonuses and Meal Effects are rather easy to understand, what has many players confused is the Traversal Skills tab.

Namely, this tab has four locked slots. Naturally, players would expect at least some explanation on how to unlock these skills, or at least what they are. Alas, there’s nothing to help us understand this. Worry not, as we will explain what you need to do! You will unlock Traversal Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by completing certain Hero Quests. For example, the first Traversal Skill, Wall Climbing, will be unlocked once you complete The Kind Right-Hand hero quest for Valdi. Valdi will then join your party and you will “inherit” this traversal skill from him.

The same goes for other traversal skills. We will not spoil all the details, but as you complete certain other Hero Quest, you will unlock thethe rest of traversal skills. You can already spot on the map some symbols which indicate what other traversal skills, as mini-teasers of what’s to come.

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