XC3 Collapsed Traderpon, Rehydrate Panepane

Where to find ingredients to rehydrate Panepane for the Collapsed Traderpon standard quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? That’s the question we’re here to answer! During your adventures across the beautiful world of Aionios, you’ll meet various NPCs in need of your help. One such character is the poor Panepane. You’ll spot him barely alive in the Piento Basin, looking for some moisture. Here’s how to complete the Collapsed Traderpon quest and find the necessary fruits for Panepane.

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XC3 Collapsed Traderpon, Rehydrate Panepane

How to Rehydrate Panepane, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collapsed Traderpon

Once you find Panepane you’ll immediately see that something is not right with him. During the conversation, he’ll explain that he’s quite thirsty due to dehydration. If we choose to help him, he’ll give us a list of fruits which can rehydrate him. Each ingredient will fill the rehydration bar for a percentage, and each one fills a specific amount. Here are the fruits that will rehydrate him:

  • Armored Chestnut
  • Dance Apple
  • Elegant Pummelo
  • Black Kiwi
  • Scarlet Lychee
  • Ruby Pineapple
  • Dark Grape

What we found is that the best way to go is with the Dark Grape, as each unit of Dark Grape will add 15% to the rehydration bar. The best way to get some Dark Grapes is by purchasing them from the Colony 9 Commissary Vendor. An Armored Chestnut provides only 5% of rehydration, but it is a relatively common item which you can find all around the map, so that’s another route to go if you want to finish this quest.

If you don’t want to go far from your current location, you can look around the nearby area, where you should be able to find a couple of Scarlet Lychees. The same goes for the Elegant Pummelo, which not only adds 10% but it can also be found in the surrounding area. Combine all of these, and you should eventually get to 100% and help our little friend with his “thirsty” issue.

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