How to Install Town of Us Epic Games Among Us Mods

The Epic Store has recently given away Among Us for free, but the trouble is that people don’t know how to install mods like Town of Us on the new platform. As it turns out, the system is way different than how it works on Steam. If you want to play Town of Us on the Epic Games version of Among Us, you have to follow a series of steps very carefully. We’ll lay the whole process out in our How to Install Town of Us Epic Games Among Us Mods guide.

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how to install town of us epic games among us mods
How to Install Town of Us Epic Games Among Us Mods

Among Us Epic Games Mods – How to Install Town of Us

To install the Town of Us mod in the Epic Games version of Among us, you have to follow a very specific set of steps. You will have to download some things, carefully replace files; all in all, follow the list of instructions below to the letter. If you do, the process should work like a dream. Here we go!

  1. Check whether the unmodded version of the game is working properly on the Epic launcher.
  2. Download the latest version of Town of Us and the Dev Reactor Build.
  3. Unpack the Town of Us folder and open it.
  4. Open your Epic Games Among Us folder and copy all the Town of Us files into it.
  5. Open the BepInEx folder, then open plugins.
  6. Replace the default reactor plugin with the one you’ve downloaded.
  7. Launch Among Us, and you’ll see that the game is modded, but it won’t work properly.
  8. Open the folder at this location: AmongUs\BepInEx\config
  9. Open the file called gg.reactor.api.cfg with any text editor, Notepad should do fine.
  10. Change “Allow vanilla servers = false” to “Allow vanilla servers = true”
  11. Save the file and open the game.

That’s how to install the Town of Us Epic Games Among Us mod. You have to follow every step we’ve laid out; otherwise, it won’t work. Huge thank you to LorDawid, whose video we used to put this guide together.

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  1. L

    Sorry to say that, but the mod is bugged on the epic games version. (roles and percentages are bugged) Check the description of my video for more info on that

    1. H

      Quale video?

  2. C
    Chase Koppenhofer

    hey it says that modded handchake didnt respond to the server

  3. P
    peter griffin

    I cant see the Bepin Ex folder in my game files?

  4. K

    It works perfectly!

  5. D

    I got 0% any role and always got crewmate or impo at online serves and such us time lord dont work properrly but i can play at mod sevres please help!

    1. A

      ur not suppose to play modded among us in public servers, only priv and those who has the mods

  6. L

    The roles doesn’t work

  7. D

    Can anyone post a comment when it gets fixed ?

  8. D

    i tried it and it seems to work except that signing into account doesnt work anymore, gives auth error

  9. M

    I tried the mod and as dghdf said the login doesnt work and the mod in general didnt work

  10. E

    How do you open the among us folder?

  11. P

    Among us is a great game

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