Company of Heroes 2 Is Free on Steam This Weekend

If you pick up Company of Heroes 2 on Steam this weekend, it will be yours to keep. Released in 2013, Company of Heroes 2 is a World War II-themed real-time strategy. Unlike the 2006 original game where players controlled U.S. military during the Battle of Normandy and the liberation of France, the sequel focuses on the Eastern Front and commanding units of the Soviet Red Army. Besides the Company of Heroes 2 base game, you can also snatch the Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault expansion pack. In Ardennes Assault, you play as the USF and you battle the OKW forces in Belgium.

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Company of Heroes 2 Is Free on Steam This Weekend

Is Company of Heroes 2 Really Free to Keep on Steam?

Yes, you can claim it on Steam right now for free, no strings attached. All you need to do is log into your Steam account (or just open the desktop app if you are already logged in like most of us are) and head on over to the Company of Heroes 2 Steam page. Click on the “Add to Account” icon and the game is now a part of your Steam library and you can install it whenever you want. Just be sure to claim the game before May 31st.

There’s more Company of Heroes 2-related content on Steam, and all of it is heavily discounted until June 3rd. If you have never played Company of Heroes 2 before, this gives you more than enough time to try it out and see whether or not you like it and to purchase more DLCs if you do.

Company of Heroes 1 and 2 have been developed by Relic Entertainment, best known as the developers behind Homeworld and the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series. If you are a real-time strategy fan, all of these Relic games are well-worth playing. Have a great weekend and enjoy your free game!

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