Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition Items Missing, Bonus Not Showing

If your Star Wars Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition bonus rewards are missing or not showing, don’t worry! The SW Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition comes with The “Galactic Hero” Cosmetic Pack and The “New Hero” Cosmetic Pack. If you can’t find these exclusive cosmetic items, read our guide.

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Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition Items Missing, Bonus Not Showing
SW Jedi Survivor The “Galactic Hero” Cosmetic and The “New Hero” Cosmetic Packs Missing

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition Bonus Rewards Are Missing or Not Showing

The Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi Survivor comes jam-packed with awesome exclusive cosmetic items for Cal, BD-1, and your weapons (Blaster and Lightsaber). These items are inspired by the legendary protagonists of the Star Wars franchise – Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. And if you are a Star Wars fan, it was probably a no-brainer decision to grab the Deluxe Edition with these items. However, upon starting the game, you might find it hard to find these Star Wars Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition bonus rewards.

I noticed whilst I was customizing [Cal], I don’t actually have cosmetic packs for the Deluxe Edition nor the items for pre-order,” says Reddit user Kylemnb. “I’m just wondering if we get our stuff later or if I’m somehow missing something.”

So, how do you get Deluxe edition rewards? The solution is, luckily, relatively simple. Namely, as many players report, all you have to do is restart your PC or console. After you do that, relaunch the game. Then head to the customization options, and cosmetics should be there. Just in case you’ve forgotten, here are all Deluxe edition rewards:

  • The “Galactic Hero” Cosmetic Pack
    • The “Scoundrel” Cosmetic
    • The “Rugged” BD-1 Cosmetic
    • The “DL-44” Blaster Set
  • The “New Hero” Cosmetic Pack
    • The “Rebel Hero” Cosmetic
    • The “BD-Astro” BD-1 Cosmetic
    • The “Rebel Hero” Lightsaber Set
  • The “Jedi Survival” Cosmetic Pack:
    • The “Hermit” Cosmetic
    • The “Hermit” Lightsaber Set
    • The “Combustion” Blaster Set
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  1. A

    Didn’t work, I tried everything and even reinstalling the game.

    1. J
      Jorge Galeano

      Same things is happening to me the first few hours of the game my pre-orders were available in customization now they’re gone

  2. R

    I pre-ordered the gam on steam a week ago, played the game today and even after a restart I DO NOT have the pre-order bonus (hermit set)

  3. D
    Daniel Rasmussen

    nope didnt work

  4. J

    This happened after the post launch update, I think. I got it through the EA app, but I was able to fix it by running an install repair. Steam has a similar option as well. In EA app, click Manage when you have the game selected, and choose repair (right clicking the game in your game library in Steam will have the same option). Once I ran the repair, I restarted the game, and the cosmetics were back

    1. R

      I can confirm that this does work! I use steam and bought the Deluxe. Just go into steam and verify the install. It will download any files that are missing or corrupted. I had the files, even after the patch, then suddenly they showed as ‘locked’. The content is showing properly again after I did this fix. Hopefully this helps people out!

    2. A

      My problem is that I play on console, Xbox X and I don’t have a repair feature. The content also doesn’t TECHNICALLY install to the hard drive, so there’s no place to reinstall it. In the Microsoft store, it says that I own the content, but it doesn’t show up in my game. It worked up until May 2nd. Tried on May 3rd, and no content. Filed a report with EA. Kind of interesting; I think there was a patch deployed that fixed some stuff but might have unintentionally deleted the Pre-Order and Deluxe content from my system/account.

  5. J
    Jonathan Nicolle

    I got the deluxe upgrade pack and can’t find the content. Nothing works.

  6. S

    nope, i play on ps5 and it doesnt work, pls help

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