SW Jedi Survivor Long Unpacking Fix

In our SW Jedi Survivor Long Unpacking Fix guide, we are going to talk about how you can solve this particular problem. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a huge game gigabytes-wise, and the process being really slow truly makes nobody feel better. So, what can you do about it? Let’s find out.

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sw jedi survivor long unpacking fix
SW Jedi Survivor Long Unpacking Fix

How to Fix Long Unpacking in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are two potential fixes for the long unpacking issue in SW Jedi Survivor, depending on what the cause is. If you’re trying to install the game for the first time and it’s going slowly, it appears that turning disk caching off can help. To do that, use the search function of your taskbar and type in Device Manager. Open the Device Manager and scroll down until you find the Disk Drives option. Expand it, then right-click the drive you want. Select Properties and click the Policies tab. clear the Enable write caching on the disk check box and click OK. You should be okay to try and install the game now and the wait time ought not be as long. Ideally, you might want to do this before the first installation.

The second fix for the SW Jedi Survivor long unpacking problem is for those that already tried to install the game, got frustrated, stopped the process and tried again. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that about 115 GB of data has stayed on your hard drive. Why no, that won’t make the process faster, on the contrary! Now you need another 115 GB of free space if you want to complete the installation! Don’t worry, there is a solution. Open your Steam directory, select “steamapps,” and delete “downloading” and “depotcache.” If all goes as it’s supposed to, you will be able to start the whole process afresh. Good luck!

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